Telephone Cables

Range : 1 pair to 100 pair x 0.40 mm,0.50 mm and 0.63 mm in a solid bare conductor with HDPE insulation and flame retardant jacketing having low cross talk and attenuation.

Jelly Filled Telephone Cables

We are offering high quality Telecommunication Cables that are manufactured using top-notch quality insulated copper conductors. Our range of cables is known for its noise free communication, easy installation, less maintenance, high tolerance and low cost. Further, we offer these in different sizes and dimensions and are ideal even in extreme hot or cold weather. The Jelly Filled Cables are commonly used in electrifying areas like hilly or rural areas, for its high tolerance. To cater to different needs of clients.

Jelly filled cables provide much needed protection from rodents, water logging and moisture.

Apart from the external pvc coating the jelly filling provides extra cover and eliminates cross-talk interference. Polycab jelly filled telephone wires have been known to deliver superior quality of sound and connectivity while remaining robust and easy to maintain.

These cables easily withstand the volatile discrepancy of temperatures found between server rooms, air conditioned workplaces and everything in between.

Optical Fibre Cable

Compensating cables & thermocouple extension wires are used for the transmission of thermoelectric voltage from thermocouple to cold junction. Due to the different applications as for example in smelteries, cold stores or in liquid gas systems where always a reliable and safe transmission of the occuring thermoelectric voltage in mV must be ensured, the compensating cables & thermocouple extension wires manufactured by us are insulated with different materials respectiveley the thermoelectric voltage and cable are protected by braidings, foils and/or armouring.