Having a high communication speed, the Interface Converters by GIC offer a cost-effective solution to a smooth interworking between different communication interfaces.

USB TO RS232/485/422

  • Compatible with USB 2.0
  • Input: USB 2.0 Protocol
  • Output: RS232 on DB9 Male connector compatible to PC RS485/RS422 on the terminal block.
  • Communication Speed: 300bps to 230Kbps
  • Auto direction control for RS485- 2W data transmission.
  • Cable: USB 2.0 type A to type B cable.
  • Galvanic Isolation of 1.5kV
  • RS232/RS485 line protection: +/- 15kV ESD.
  • LED Indication for Transmit Receive signals.
  • Input power from USB port, No External power required.


  • Isolated RS485/RS422 on terminal block.
  • RS232 with DB9 Female connector
  • Auto direction control for RS485-2W transmission.
  • Galvanic Isolation of 1500V for RS485/RS422.
  • Supports Baud rate up to 230Kbps.
  • Internal 15 kV ESD protection both RS232 and RS485/RS422.
  • LED Indication for Transmit, Receive signal communication traffic.
  • Input power supply range 9-6V DC to 26.4 VDC
  • 2 Module enclosure with DIN Rail mounting.