Instrumentaion Cables

Polycab’s instrumentation cables are meticulously manufactured as per the international standards, and are best in terms of quality, durability and performance.

Made of 99.99% pure EC grade copper, the conductors of these cables are treated as per the industrial standards for superior conductivity, flexibility and elongation. These cables are insulated with high quality PVC, which is capable of handling external temperature above 85 degree Celsius.

These cables have multiple protective barriers that protect it from high temperatures. Formed by firmly twisting a bunch of cables together, these cables are enveloped with translucent non- gyroscopic polyester tape, also known as Mylar tape.

The inner sheath of these cables are made of PVC and its thickness varies depending upon the size of the cable. However, the minimum thickness of the inner sheath is about 0.3mm. Constructed with Galvanized Iron, the robust armour used in these cables protect it from technical and mechanical damage. Mostly used for industrial applications where power generation and distribution play a major role, Instrumentation cables are designed to cater to engineering and micro-processing segments.

Conductor: Generally the Conductor construction of Polycab Cable is made up of Solid/Stranded/ FlexibleConductors


Individual and Overall Shielded Cables

Two individual conductors are uniformly twisted to form pairs which are then assembles. The paired conductors may be:-..

  • Unscreened
  • Individually and overall shielded (Shielded)
  • Overall Screened Cables (Shielded)

Thermocouple and Compensating Cable

Compensating cables & thermocouple extension wires are used for the transmission of thermoelectric voltage from thermocouple to cold junction. Due to the different applications as for example in smelteries, cold stores or in liquid gas systems where always a reliable and safe transmission of the occuring thermoelectric voltage in mV must be ensured, the compensating cables & thermocouple extension wires manufactured by us are insulated with different materials respectiveley the thermoelectric voltage and cable are protected by braidings, foils and/or armouring.